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WK1940: Got self-hosted video working
WK1939: Migrated production sites to isp name builder
WK1938: Introduced markdown editing in bearlabs
WK1935: Auto calculation of tmc reimbursement data
WK1934: My life in walkingweekend
WK1933: New Ideabox at bearlabs
WK1933: Structured sharing in walkingweekend
WK1932: Added members days photos to
WK1931: Added officers information to
WK1928: Daily Quotes Up to Date
WK1917: 5GC UDM OJT, Install Latest Drop
WK1916: 5GC UDM OJT, Pair Group Assignments
WK1915: 5GC UDM OJT, Docker & K8s Training
WK1914: Developed 5G training workshop on
WK1913: Setup as a training platform
WK1912: Use for self intro
WK1911: Learnt Design Thinking from a Workshop
WK1910: From list to wordpress posts
WK1909: Systematically learnt Kebernetes
WK1908: Auto create posts with curl command
WK1907: Integrate FR articles into
WK1906: Interesting wiki with layered structure
WK1905: Catch up with all FR articles
WK1903: Brown's 1 year's old album
WK1902: Practiced Kubernetes on AWS
WK1901: Created flask based personal dict

WK1852: Built clean dict with bing & merriam-webster
WK1851: Rewrite english reading markdown site with flask
WK1850: Built personal git repo using gitlab
WK1849: Learnt Docker & K8S
WK1848: Shared the idea behind
WK1846: Created Energy & Motivation Group
WK1845: Implemented auto daily quote function
WK1844: Started to learn from famous people
WK1843: Learnt Angular in E/// Hackathon
WK1841: Put all innovation together in bearlabs
WK1840: Use iHost to switch local and remote sites
WK1838: Random poem
WK1837: Random Jazz & random TT
WK1836: Built classical music library in
WK1835: Created the auto backup script for all sites
WK1834: Implemented Table Topic Library in
WK1833: Use HD images as feature images of bearlabs' articles
WK1831: Added ajax search function to walkingweekend
WK1830: Organized pictures with m.walkingweekend
WK1829: Tag-based links in WalkingWeekend
WK1818: Learnt to use Quiver for code reading notes
WK1813: Launched for content production
WK1812: Shared english learning secrets
WK1811: Started to use innovation backlog
WK1810: Moved sites from MediaTemple to Bisend
WK1808: Built for cultivating thinking habits
WK1807: Built for music collection
WK1806: Built for English reading
WK1805: Learnt to use iSmartPhoto to organize old photos
WK1804: Album with Paper APP
WK1803: English Podcast
WK1802: Reading -> Thinking -> Sharing
WK1801: Learnt to use final cut pro

WK1750: Shared TT, E3, Feedback
WK1744: Added PDF magazines to my sites
WK1741: Started to use Ulysses to write posts
WK1736: Start form energy managing rituals
WK1735: Learnt to use XSplit & ScreenFlow
WK1734: Voice recording with GarageBand
WK1733: Learnt to use Alfred Workflow & Softorino
WK1731: Started to use iCloud storage
WK1729: Started to use steam controller
WK1728: Learnt to use Breeze in OSX
WK1726: Added albums in WalkingWeekend
WK1718: Started to use OSX in Office Env
WK1717: Connected Steps with BearLabs
WK1708: Speeded up Xiaomi Box with network cable
WK1706: Tried the concept of weekly planning
WK1705: Defined the yearly swimming kpi

WK1650: Started to use Evernote to organize data
WK1643: Learnt to use thunder xiazaibao
WK1639: Learnt site search with google
WK1638: Learnt to use OCR App to convert image to text
WK1634: Setup Oray Ddns at BearServer
WK1633: Fixed the sound output of Xbox with projector
WK1630: Built personal dictionary
WK1628: Added bookmark function in WalkingWeekend